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1. Acetylene Generation
While the calcium carbide is sometimes used directly as a processing material, its main use is obtained when the stones react with water to produce acetylene gas. The performance required is 300 liters per kg, commercial grain size depends on the reactor which will be used. As its combination with oxygen develops flames that exceed the 3300 ° C (6000 ° F), Acetylene is used for cutting and welding in the metalworking industry. The temperature reached by the acetylene gas is higher than that obtained by the combustion of any hydrocarbon gas, also has better cutting and welding effect.

2. Metalurgical usesed desulphurizer
◇ Desulphurization
Calcium carbide is a powerful and effective reducing agent. In the metallurgical field it is added to liquid iron to remove Sulfur impurities before the final process in the steelworks. In modern steelmaking operations, the need for low Sulfur steels has increased the use of Calcium Carbide as a desulphurising of blast furnace pig iron.The powder material used for this application is produced by a special milling. The calcium carbide finely milled can then be mixed depending on the needs and specifications of customers.
◇ Deoxidization
Carbide with size 5-30mm is usually used as deoxidization agent,mixed with hot steel liquid, adding carbide accordingly while refining out of the furnace, to make steel liquid fully deoxidized.

3. Other Application 

Calcium Carbide is also a raw material in the chemical industry, for example in obtaining PVC, fertilizers, plastics, medicinal products, etc.

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